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9 Reasons Why Queer Eye is Such A Spiritually Aligned Show

A crew of 5 angels helping heroes live their best lives.

Angeli Sivaraman
Angeli Sivaraman
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9 Reasons Why Queer Eye is Such A Spiritually Aligned Show
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Y'all, I just finished watching all 6 seasons of Queer Eye on Netflix! People, it’s a ride. There are tears, feelings, queer people, beauty, love, and so many hugs! It is SUCH a good show! I recommend it to everyone!  As they pump up the positive vibes, let’s review why Queer Eye is so spiritual :)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Queer Eye, this show is a reboot of the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy from the 90s where 5 queer men would work together to make over heterosexual men. They spend a week with the client doing what they do best.  Each person in the Queer Eye crew has a different talent that they would bring to the table (home design, cooking, fashion, culture, and grooming).

Fast forward to the Queer Eye crew today, we have:

  • Bobby: home design
  • Antoni: cooking
  • Tan: fashion
  • Karamo: culture
  • Jonathan: grooming

The coolest part about the new seasons is that they make over all kinds of people, not just hetero men. They have moved over to women, people of color, parents, gender non-binary people, transgender people, and so much more. They help promote their stories and their businesses to help them achieve their wildest dreams!

Here are other reasons that the Queer Eye cast is so spiritually aligned:

  • They are super affirming: The Queer Eye crew do an excellent job of affirming the best traits and features of the clients that they work with. They highlight their looks, their hearts, their work, and their efforts.  By doing this, they are reminding the client of why they are so great and so essential in the world.
  • They teach us that love has no boundaries: There are so many episodes where they visit rural families in the south, or rural pastors in the south. They break down boundaries by showing others that you can love people who are from a different background from you. Love = great admiration, and you can feel a respect and admiration both from the crew and the people they work with.
  • They bridge gaps between people of different backgrounds: I still remember the episode where they were going to make over a police officer, Cory. The police officer’s friend (the original nominator) pulled over the Queer Eye SUV (as a joke) while Karamo was driving. You could see Karamo (and Tan) getting tense during this part. Later in the episode, Karamo had a conversation with the police officer, Cory, about the interaction. Karamo explained his fears from the black community with police officers, and Cory admitted that the particular holds and force that some police crews were using on the black community were truly out of line. They walked away from that conversation building a bridge and bonding over it.
  • They hold space for people: All most of us want in life is to be seen and heard. They see and hear every client. They don’t try to change their essence. They are simply deep and mindful listeners.
  • They address important social issues: such as transgender and non-binary people. As you watch through the seasons, you can see Tan interacting for the first time with a transgender person (that he knew of) and wanting to understand their stories and decisions. In later seasons, Jonathan has realized that he identifies more with the gender non-binary. He now goes by he, she, and they. Notably, he corrects Tyreek Wanamaker (season 5)  when he calls the crew “5 gay guys” as that used to be the tagline, using a polite Jonathan way of setting the record straight.
  • They promote inner healing work: every single one of us carry deep wounds from as early as childhood moving up through adulthood. They call their client’s attention to some of the limited beliefs that may be holding them back in order to live their truth. One particular powerful example was when the crew went to help a client named Robert. The whole time he made self-deprecating comments. I remember cringing at hearing him make fun of himself. Then Karamo made him sit down in a studio and listen to a tape of him making self-deprecating comments within the first 30 minutes of their meeting. After that he had Robert talk through all the negative beliefs he had about himself and write out new affirmations. Addressing our limiting beliefs is one of the deepest forms of spiritual healing. More importantly, they reinforced the fact that this deep healing work is an ongoing process and encouraged Robert to keep going after the crew’s visit.
  • They help people live their best lives! The transformations they instill call for truly deep healing and growth. Almost every client comments about how much different they feel on the inside, despite the obvious exterior changes. They help the functionality of their homes, their businesses, their families, and their children. The crew doesn't try to change their essence, they merely enhance it for the world to see.
  • They feel all of their emotions: There is such a range of emotions from laughter to tears. They embrace that full range here.
  • So many hugs!: The healing power of touch is so real, and they are not afraid to show their love to complete strangers.

This show is unlike so many on TV. It is so uplifting. It encourages us to feel our feelings and simply bask in the beauty of humanity. It’s a wonderful pick-me up. I’m so in awe of something so beautifully done. I will love to see more shows like this moving forward.



Quote: “Everything we saw that was in you is just shining on the outside now, so just get used to it.” - Karamo Brown

If anyone wants to continue this conversation further, please reach out to me on Twitter: @sageelephant108.  Thank you!!

Btw, I get no monetary compensation by talking about this show. Just simply love it enough to wanna write about it!

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