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The Two Types of Intentions: Fear and Love

Angeli Sivaraman
Angeli Sivaraman
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The Two Types of Intentions: Fear and Love
My intention: nap on the couch. Rocco's intention: get as close to mama as possible. Both our intentions won ♥

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Back in the beginning of the blog, I wrote a post about setting intentions.

It’s still one of my favorite posts.

What I didn’t address in that post was that the type of intention you set is extremely important.

I was listening to Oprah’s podcast this week and she was interviewing Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul. Together, they mentioned the two types of intentions:

Fear and love.

Before we talk about fear and love intentions, let’s talk about fear and love emotions.

Fear emotions include: anger, jealousy, hatred, deception, manipulation, and a general abandonment of the Self.

Love emotions include: love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, joy, and peace.

According to Zukav's book, emotions are energy in motion! How genius :) and emotions can reflect intentions.

Unconconscious versus Conscious Intentions

The intentions you set can be conscious and unconscious. All of us set intentions whether we realize it or not. The more conscious we are about our intentions, the more power we hold in our lives.

An example of an unconscious intention would be wanting to be in a loving relationship but finding yourself repelling anyone getting too close. I am speaking on personal experience here, which could be related to trust issues, insecurities, past wounds/traumas, or a belief system that would block the person from getting what they want, which is closeness and connection.

Conscious intentions are about showing up in alignment with your soul's intentions. This is usually from a place of love.

My previous post was about conscious intentions. Taking control at the beginning of the day (or before some other activity) to show up and put your best self forward.

Fear-based intentions

Any time we have a scenario where a person is setting an intention that is not for their highest good, that would be fear-based.

Let me tell you a story. Last year, a friend of mine wanted to do a Galentine's dinner with me at my house. How lovely, right? We would cook dinner, have a little wine, and celebrate our singlehood.

When she came to visit, there was a really bad ice storm, and she ended up getting stuck at my house for two days. She admitted that her intuition told her not to come (due to the storm), but that she still came because didn’t want to “let me down”.

The truth is, I wouldn’t have minded in the least if she had listened to her intuition, in fact I would have encouraged it. In her reality, canceling with me would have been worse than listening to her Higher Self and taking care of her needs.

By this person choosing to abandon her self for what she perceived to be my needs, she set a fear-based intention, and we were both let down. Cuz then the electricity went out at my house so we were stuck inside and really cold!

Can I fault someone for not being aware of their intentions? Probably not, and I do forgive this person.

And it is our responsibility to be mindful of our intentions. Are we dating someone because we are afraid to be alone? Are we choosing this job because we are afraid of our true success? Are we making ourselves busy because there is a part of ourselves we are too afraid to look at? Are we secretly trying to take advantage of someone? Or is someone else trying to take advantage of us?

At the end of the day, the strongest intention (whether conscious or unconscious), wins out.

That means the relationship might not work out, or the job might not work out, if it is not truly in your soul's alignment.  
Ultimately the universe wants us to confront and heal our fears (or that which is getting in the way of our greatest intentions).

We all come to Earth to heal.

We also come to Earth to love.

Love based intentions

Again, love-based intentions come from higher vibrational feelings such as joy, gratitude, love, peace, and compassion.

When we are in true alignment with our soul, that’s when we can set intentions in love. Your soul wants you to love more and to choose your experiences to match.

When you live your life from your soul's perspective, magical things happen. You unlock a code in the universe that brings you your abundance. And you get to divinely design your life.

That may look like saying no to certain situations that don’t align with you. Perhaps you are outgrowing something or know that a situation won’t serve you.  This can open up space for things that do work for you.

And then when you are aligned with the experiences you are choosing, your life will be in more of a flow. You’ll know your partnerships, friendships, or any other experience is vibing at your level.

Not every situation will be easy, and your inner compass is there to show you how to proceed.

When I have tough patients at work, I send them a little loving kindness before I get on the phone with them. And I send it to myself because I need it too. If I’m going to do something hard, I’ll do it with love and absolute presence.

Those are my intentions. I’m not perfect at it, and that’s not what intentions are about anyways.

That’s why meditation is so important, because it gets you in contact with the part of you that knows, your soul, to help you make decisions.

This is also why practicing gratitude, or making joy lists, is a good practice. It’s a reminder of what you love and what you are about.

The Bottom Line

According to Zukav, when your personality and soul are in alignment, you are in authentic power, which is the only true power there is.

The more you are tapped in, the more power you have to divinely design the life of your dreams.

So be intentional.

Y’all have a wonderfully magical and safe week.

Take care of any feelings you are having at this tumultuous time.

Sending one thousand hugs,


"Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is." - Gary Zukav


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