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The BEST Spiritual Podcasts I Have Listened to So Far

Angeli Sivaraman
Angeli Sivaraman
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The BEST Spiritual Podcasts I Have Listened to So Far
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I am an old soul. Keeping up with things online is actually not natural to me. You’re better off finding me in meditation, cooking, or in nature before you find me scrolling social media. But in this modern world, I can still teach my ancient soul some new tricks, right?

The messages we receive from media, news, culture, and society, totally shape the way we feel about ourselves as well as the things we believe.

That shit goes into your subconscious.

And trust me, when you believe something limiting about yourself, it limits your potential and dictates your behavior - unconsciously! You may start to feel frustrated or stuck around a particular life matter, like you can't break through. Dislodging the beliefs that don’t serve you is a key step to self-growth and the upleveling of your life! (And can be extremely painful too!).

Most of us have grown up thinking we are undeserving and lacking in some quality or trait (an ego-driven belief system) but the truth is, we are limitless.

We are spiritual and galactic beings having a human experience! And we are everything we were designed to be, so we must embrace and remember that!

The type of content we consume matters. Is it content that affirms our divinity and worth? Perhaps inspires us to grow? Or is it content that makes us feel less than?

Let me tell you a story - a friend of mine recommended to me a podcast a few years ago, called Dr. Death. Have you ever listened to it? It is about the scariest thing I’ve ever heard. It's about a doctor who performs neck and back surgeries, and he maimed and killed quite a few patients. After listening to it, I was so afraid this guy would find me and try to operate on me and then paralyze me (a rational thought, right?).  I called my brother and to share my scary feelings and he said to me, "why are you listening to this in the first place?"

He had a point.

This many years later, I am selective about the content I consume, and you should be too.

One of the best things that is happening is the rise of podcasts on spirituality. Listening to spiritual podcasts makes me feel supported, in community, and related to.

Here are some my favorites I have heard, in the order of when I found them (the links below are to Apple Podcasts, btw):

  • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: one of the first podcasts on spirituality I listened to, and an absolute classic. Oprah is a lifelong learner and teacher. She interviews the brightest and best in so many fields, not just spirituality. She asks deep questions and pushes for the truth, yet she holds space for her interviewees and audience in her own empathic way. Oprah embodies and exemplifies a life in integrity with herself. She is a terrific role model and philanthropist. Additionally, I’ve come across many books from her book club that have truly enriched my soul.
  • Your Own Magic: this was second podcast I found, sent to me by a friend who is also a on a spiritual path. Raquelle Mantra, the host, is a world traveler, writer, poet, and yoga enthusiast. Her melodic voice carries you across space and time. Her musings are so interesting and full of love. She is truly an embodiment of the divine feminine and a creative spirit. Her podcast truly expands your soul each and every time you listen in. She also drops a lot of vulnerability in her episodes, so the listener feels so connected to her.
  • Highest Self Podcast: hosted by Sahara Rose, I started listening to her podcast after I read her book, Discover Your Dharma. Sahara's dharma (divine purpose), is not only to make spirituality modern, fun, and accessible, but also to wake others up to follow their divine purpose to help lift the vibration of the world. Her book had a deep impact on me, and her podcast truly goes outward to space and other dimensions. And while she embraces the supernatural, she also emphasizes the importance of healing at a grounded level. She interviews many bright people with flourishing businesses who have found their dharmas and are expressing it. Her episodes are always very timely when I am needing to hear messages from the universe.
  • Inner Work: A Spiritual Growth Podcast. I stumbled across Josephine Hardman, PhD when I was googling questions to ask my tarot deck (lol). I subscribed to her blog that day and she sent me a warm welcome email, and we’ve kept in touch since then. What drew me especially to Josephine is that she is a PhD and former professor, then quit and opened her own spiritual business. That story really calls out to me.  Josephine is an Akashic records reader, teacher of the Akashic records, and an intuitive healer.  She is also a role model and teacher for those who are on a spiritual path. From her podcast and blog, you can tell she was born to teach. She teaches from a place of vulnerability, authenticity, and compassion, which makes her so relatable. I have personally corresponded via email with Josephine and she is actually one of my favorite people to talk to.

All of the podcasts mentioned above are in my regular line-up. The hosts of these podcasts are women who are incredibly inspiring to me. They have found their platforms to get their messages out. Their content is raw, honest, yet uplifting and encouraging.

They also overcame their fears to put their messages out to the world.

I thoroughly enjoy listening to and reading their content (books, blogs, or otherwise), as they truly fill up my soul.

It is also a bonus if they recommend a book or interview someone who wrote a book that I end up reading and really loving. Soul expansion at its finest.

And I am sure as I keep going through life, I'll discover more and more podcasts and content that align with my soul's path.

What podcasts light up your soul?  Do they inspire you to grow? Have they changed your outlook on something? Did you learn something new? I’ll love to hear. Comment below or write me back on email!

Feeling inspired is one of my favorite feelings. So is inspiring others.

Y'all have a great week! <3

Sending love and peace,

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Angeli Sivaraman is a spiritualist, meditator, nature junkie, and dog mom. She is the creator of Sage Elephant, a blog about spirituality and wellness. She can be reached by email!