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My Trip to Asheville ⛰

Angeli Sivaraman
Angeli Sivaraman
2 min read
My Trip to Asheville ⛰
Check out this amazing tree I saw on my hike! I love trees so much!

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Greetings Friends!!!

If you didn't notice, no blog post this week, because I was vacationing! Ayyy.

If you have a dog or you love the mountains, Asheville is a great place to visit.

We went hiking, we went to breweries, we walked everywhere, I found a crystal shop! Rocco and I had the best time :)

Rocco, standing on a rock, looking alert

Synchronicities from the week ✨

I did not know that Asheville would be a tough city to drive around, because of the parking. Luckily, I found an AirBnB on Grove Street, walkable to basically everything, save for the mountains. I love that my intuition guided me to the perfect spot!

And then, I found this amazing crystal at a nearby shop. I bought it before I knew what it was, because I loved it so much. Then the shopkeeper told me. It's dendritic opal.

My new dendritic opal crystal tower!

What it's good for:

  • Increasing your connection with your Higher Self
  • Aligning physical & spiritual energies
  • Enhancing shadow work
  • Aiding in deep meditation
  • Opening the third eye chakra and your intuition
  • Aiding in past life regression
  • Emotional balance

Sounds like my perfect medicine for the present moment :)

Okay one last synchronicity: I sent a postcard to my older brother and sister-in-law when I was in Asheville. It hasn't reached them yet. They've both sent me text messages with pictures this week just to say hey. Pretty cool, right?

Sometimes, our intuition outwits our logical mind. I just love when you take that leap of faith and things work out so beautifully. The universe really guides us.

One very cool way to sharpen your intuition is by keeping a dream journal. Dreams connect us to the Spirit world and our subconscious minds. I'm in awe of how intuitive I feel after I started dream journaling (one year ago!)

I designed a dream journal, which is available here. BIG thank you to those who bought one already. Please leave a review if you buy one!! I really appreciate it! 😗 And I just wanna say, you don't have to do this every day. I usually record mine on my phone each morning and then write out a week's worth at a time. It is nice to have them all in one spot.

The last thing I'll mention is, I'm thinking about starting a weekly newsletter (short and sweet like today's), and saving the blog posts as a separate thing.
My hope is to make the experience a bit more personal to you, and potentially more interactive.

The blog posts will still be available to you, perhaps as links from the newsletter to the blog site.

Will love to hear your feedback on this!

What synchronicities happened for you this week?

Sending peace & love 💜


An affirmation for the week: "I embrace joy, even during the changes."

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Angeli Sivaraman is a spiritualist, meditator, nature junkie, and dog mom. She is the creator of Sage Elephant, a blog about spirituality and wellness. She can be reached by email!