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7 Beginner Tips for a Spiritual Awakening

Angeli Sivaraman
Angeli Sivaraman
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7 Beginner Tips for a Spiritual Awakening
Photo Cred: Angeli Sivaraman (myself) – taken 1/21/22 in Nashville, TN

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The spiritual awakening process manifests differently from person-to-person, but tends to carries the same overall themes.  Generally, there is a period of extreme pain (mental/physical/emotional), followed by one big tipping point. For some, the final straw might be a mental health crisis, a career change, a physical health crisis, or something beyond.

Spiritual awakening is a point of no return, where you realize you can no longer live the way you were once living. You realize you don't have to see the world strictly through your ego, that you can shift your lens to the lens of presence, awareness, and trueness to oneself.  

I’ve heard countless people tell their stories and the themes really are similar: we have found ourselves off of our true paths and we are awakening to who we really are.

What Is a Spiritual Awakening?
In essence, it is an event that "awakens" a person to their true and inner state of being; usually it is born out of a person straying so far away from their core values, that they go through a "dark night of the soul" (a place of anguish) and have no choice but to "wake up" and face oneself, so to speak.

This makes one realize that they need to change how they are living in order to realign with their true natures and ultimately live a more peaceful, purposeful, and aligned life.

You can re-read my awakening story here. It can be jolting to go through a spiritual awakening. Personally, it took me at least a year to talk about my story out loud.  And a few more years to share more publicly!  

During that time, I mostly just meditated and kept it to myself (and my friend Kay <3) because I didn't know many others going through the same thing!

So here we go.

Transformation is hard. It can be scary and painful. It can be lonely and you may feel like you are the only one going through this.  Your friendships will definitely change; some relationships may improve, but others may completely fall apart.  

This can seem really scary at first, but really it opens you up to newer and more meaningful friendships. I know I’ve been blessed with some amazing friends in my life, thanks to my own awakening.

So using what I have learned so far –

Here are 7 Beginner Tips For a Spiritual Awakening:

  1. Feel everything - you have probably made it this far by learning not to feel things. Programming and conditioning taught us to “man up” and be tough since we were young children. But most of us need to feel. It’s a healthy part of being a human, and it's the path to healing. Whatever we repress remains trapped in our bodies, or worse, informs our belief systems and thus our behaviors. So if you are opening yourself to new feelings, invite them in like friends at a party.
  2. Take note of what you have been responsible for: usually this is where we start to realize that we were also responsible in some way for some of our unhappiness. Whether that was due to conflicts or something else. When we awaken, we realize we have to take responsibility for ourselves. In turn, we move away from victimhood and into empowerment. We realize we are responsible for taking care of our reactions, our emotions, and our peace.
  3. Learn to forgive yourself: even when we were responsible for something that went awry, we have to learn to forgive ourselves. It's easy to beat ourselves up because of the ego and cultural conditioning. However, forgiveness leads to acceptance and ultimately freedom. We are all human and prone to mistakes, and every human hurts other humans at some point in their life, it's simply a fact. Forgiveness can be easier said than done, but is a necessary step.
  4. Cultivate a daily self-care practice:  This is a must! Transformation, of any kind, is an inside job! You may see something you don't like, and that's okay - by confronting the issue, this is how we heal.  A calm mind translates to a calm life, just as a chaotic mind translates to a chaotic life. A daily mindful practice assists with settling of the mind. It also helps us to increase access to our intuition and cultivate self-awareness. The more self-aware we are, the more we can break out of old habits and develop healthy new ones. We can find the space to take that mindful pause, factor ourselves in, and make better choices for ourselves. This is where the transformation starts to get good!
  5. Learn to trust your intuition: this was huge for me. I used to always asked for others' opinions and made some pretty huge mistakes by not factoring myself into some equations! The spiritual awakening process teaches you to learn to trust yourself and your intuition. Only you really know what's best for you! Of course, sometimes we need to talk things through. And sometimes we need a little help getting there. However, your intuition is always working to help you and if you are open to listening to it, you’ll make some incredible life decisions that you won't have to second-guess!
  6. Talk about It!:  like I said before - it took me a long time to start talking about my spiritual awakening and an even longer time to share openly. And that’s okay because it was my path. I think a lot more people are starting to awaken right now.  Know that you are not alone! Reach out to friends and family that you feel safe talking about it with. You might even happen to meet others in the same boat as you.  And if you need another person to talk to, you can always contact me here.
  7. Find community: as you continue to cultivate your spiritual practices you may feel the urge to start connecting with others. This can open your world to a number of cool things: crystals, plant medicine, tarot and oracle cards, moon circles, sisterhood circles, and so much more! I’ve been so enriched by the amazing people I’ve met as they share what they’ve encountered and opened up my mind. It feels good to heal with other people and share our stories. Trust your intuition on anything that seems to call out to you!

To conclude, being on a spiritual path can be incredibly difficult at times. But the awakening process is simply a way for you to up-level your life and live as authentically as you possibly can. As you continue to align with your soul, you will start to see vast improvements in your life!

You’ll start to build the life of your dreams as a co-creator with the universe. And you’ll find your life purpose as well! Which is such a good feeling and the ultimate sign that you are on your path :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Quote:  “Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens" – Dr. Carl Jung

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